JEMposium brings together contemporary jewellers, collectors, curators, critics, and jewellery enthusiasts from New Zealand and abroad to discuss and celebrate the art of jewellery.


How do processes and practices formulate creative platforms?

What are the methodologies that allow an artist to materialise an idea?

Artists introduce and discuss the different processes they use to transform theory into practice.


Artists' use of innovative materials yields unexpected ideas. Or, sometimes, traditional materials generate extraordinary ideas.

Artists present and discuss the impact ideas and design processes have on the generation and execution of creative solutions.


What happens with the finished product that comes from the artist's workshop? This session examines a variety of distribution approaches: 

a) Traditional: the role of museums, galleries, and collectors.

b) Alternative: new and unusual forms of distribution, such as projects and alternative sites for jewellery.

c) Documentation/communication: how do critical writing, photography, internet/blog and catalogues impact on sales and distribution of jewellery?

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