AJF limited Edition pin

The Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) is pleased to announce that it has commissioned Dutch jeweler Ted Noten to create a limited edition pin for their organization. The pins will be distributed to all new and renewing AJF supporters in 2012 as an exclusive benefit. This is the second in a series of annual collectible pins created by artists exclusively for AJF. The first pin, offered this year, was designed by United States jewelry maker Arthur Hash.

The pin design for AJF, Little Princess, was inspired by a conceptual piece he designed in 1995 that gained him international notoriety – The Turbo Princess, a pendant featuring a black mouse wearing a pearl necklace encased in acrylic. The 2012 pin for AJF features a white mouse and comes in a snazzy gold bag.

According to Marcel van Kan, designer and production manager of Atelier Ted Noten, ‘The Turbo Princess is one of the most important pieces where Ted’s success started. It was described as the first conceptual piece he made. From that moment on, it became clear what his position was in the jewellery field and even more important, beyond that.’

The original Princess design was born out of anger. Noten was asked to design a pearl necklace for a contemporary art event. Instead of making another ordinary pearl necklace, he presented a mouse wearing pearls set in an acrylic box that hung on a steel wire chain and he asked, ‘Who is wearing the best piece of jewelry? The lady who puts on the necklace or the mouse decorated with pearls?’

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